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Buy the latest model CCTV Camera at a standard price in BD.

CCTV Camera or closed-circuit television camera using for capturing images or video recording. Closed-circuit television is also familiar with surveillance. Close surveillance camera has various functions. It user for many purposes closed video camera used by Governments organization or private organization to secure these palaces protection against crime provide security of a person group or another of an object, and searching the reason which behind the crime.

It also used by business firms to prevent crime or take protection against crime so that anyone can’t get dear for doing any inferior deeds otherwise, residential communities use surveillance camera for made secure own communities. Nowadays, we can see CCTV cameras in public transport for increasing safety and security. Educational institutes using CCTV cameras for student’s safety also the various purpose.


The earlier video surveillance was no way to record and store information. Late development at reel-to real media but surveillance footage recording was enabled in 1970s VCR technology came in the market to make easy to easier record and erase information used this video surveillance became easier. Late 1990s digital multiplexing was developed than before with allowing cameras to record.


Recently CCTV camera has been improved with an internet-based product and system. And others technology enhancement.


Types of Camera:

Video CCTV cameras are categorized mote two types such as analog and digital. 

Analogue Cameras: 

These types of cameras passed through analog signals which record data at a slow speed. The typical rate would be for frames per every single second so that three-hour tape can run for 24 hours, Analogue signal converted into a digital signal for capturing video record, It can be stored into installed by computer media. 

Digital Cameras: 

This type of camera using a digital signal that records directly can be saved to a computer. It compressed at 5.1 but DVD quality lower level. Uncompressed video could quickly Fill up the motion directly and record.  32,000 pixels having with Digital camera. So they capture horizontal and vertical lines at the speed of 30 frames per second. These surveillance cameras only need a local area network (LAN). These cameras can be work systematically decentralized manner with no NVR to store on a local storage device.

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